Monday, February 22, 2010

CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara

I think I've tried every mascara on the market, I'm not kidding. There are many very good mascaras, I can't deny this, but my “go to” mascara, the one that never let me down, the one I always use when I have to be absolutely sure the lashes are perfect is the humongous CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara.
I always go for the “very black” version and it’s just perfect, giving you the “false lash” effect. It does separate the lashes, there are no clumps and the staying power is fantastic.
People say it is a good mascara for the price, I think it’s perfect for any price!
I like it so much that I give a brand new one to all my clients on the first appointment because I simply hate working with the disposable wands and everybody deserves to have the big orange CoverGirl LashBlast mascara! This way my work never gets ruined by the mascara.

1 comment:

  1. Haha Lashblast is my favorite mascara too! It always works for me!